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Dr Nichole Teering and Coach / Professional Fighter Josh Kitchen Team up to offer all your health needs under one roof. Join Our martial arts classes to get in shape, have fun, and learn new skills while building confidence.

Get your health on track with High end Nutritional support. Balance hormones though optimizing digestion in Nichole’s Supportive programs.

Nichole offers free consultations to see if her programs are the right fit for you.

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When I made the Olympics the first thing I knew I needed to change was my nutrition. Nichole made me an optimal diet tailored to me and my training needs. It was awesome and really helped me maintain my energy throughout my training days. As the games came more near I couldn’t do all the cooking I needed to with my hectic schedule. Nicole once again was a life saver making me and my boyfriend delicious , nutritious meals . He lost weight without even trying and my quality of life improved drastically . Leaving me rested and excited about training for the Olympics !

Leah Callahan



Despite attempts at dieting, and a hectic lifestyle I found that I was not able to lose weight and was becoming quite frustrated. As I am beginning preparations for my Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I feel the need to get my weight under control. I have trained many years at Champions Creed under Brian and Sheila Bird. They set a high standard for acquiring your black belt so my health and weight need to be a priority. I decided to contact Nichole. She set me forward on a new path. To be totally honest I was apprehensive at first, but her confidence convinced me to jump in whole heartedly with conviction.

When I began Nichole’s menu plan in April 2012, My initial weight was 205.6. So far I have cut roughly 24 pounds in 7 weeks. (3.4 pounds per week on average.) By July 2012 I plan to reach my final weight of 170 pounds. I am aware that this is a big number and many people would be skeptical and will ask several questions. Am I starving? Am I on Atkins, Paleo, etc? Is there a loss in my athletic performance? and most importantly how hard and painful is this?

It wasn’t painful, and my athletic performance has improved. I am not starving, Nichole strongly advocates that if you are hungry eat! What does a meal look like? A typical meal is a balance of healthy vegetables, a lean protein, and whole grain carbs. A lunch for me is usually a heaping bowl of pasta with fresh shrimp, herbs, garlic, onions, and broccoli. Other meals may be a salad with dressing or a steak with a baked potato. Nichole believes in a strong balance between healthy carbs, proteins, and fats, to optimize athletic performance, minimize hunger, and accelerate your metabolism and weight loss.

Nichole designed a program that works for me and helps me be independent in the long run. It is simple to use, easy for me to modify if I need to make adjustments, and very easy to maintain. In terms of how challenging her nutrition plan is I would say between 0-3. Of course any lifestyle change requires effort however Nichole made it enjoyable and more importantly attainable.

I would again like to thank Nichole for her unwavering support, and for making what initially appeared to be a monumental challenge easy. By tailor making a program for me and helping to re-educate me on the subject of nutrition I feel empowered to complete my goal and maintain it for years to come.

Thanks Nichole
Daniel Buchwald