Testimonials & Success Stories

Testimonials & Success Stories

Leah Callahan

When I made the Olympics the first thing I knew I needed to change was my nutrition. Nichole made me an optimal diet tailored to me and my training needs. It was awesome and really helped me maintain my energy throughout my training days. As the games came more near I couldn’t do all the cooking I needed to with my hectic schedule. Nicole once again was a life saver making me and my boyfriend delicious , nutritious meals . He lost weight without even trying and my quality of life improved drastically . Leaving me rested and excited about training for the Olympics !

Leah Callahan

Tom Johnson

Nichole has really helped me improve my overall health. Especially with the personal nutrition plan.

When I first started coming to see Nichole I had really bad inflammation in my chest and high cholesterol. My cholesterol has since dropped. I have also put on lean muscle and have never looked or felt better. The nutrition plan she put together for me was easy to follow and all the recipes tasted fantastic. I am more energetic, I sleep better and all around feel better.

Nichole really cares, and gives 100% to make sure you reach your health goals. She is a true professional and I can’t thank her enough.


James Manuel

My nutrition experience was great. Nichole is extremely knowledgeable and genuinely interested in helping and making the experience about more than just weight loss. The fact that she made herself available for questions day or night was a big help to make the task of adjusting my life style easier.

The effort Nichole put into the menu plan made our end of the deal straight forward and gave me permanent results. Anytime I have tried to do anything like this in the past I was unsuccessful long term.

Working with Nichole helped me accurately ensure I permanently met my weight loss goal.

Thanks again.

Linda Villeiux

Even though I was working out 5-6 days a week I was not losing weight and not eating properly. I met with Nichole to discuss a nutritional plan. In the beginning it seemed like a lot of food to eat; after adjusting my meal program the food intake was sufficient; no cravings, more energy and soon I was losing weight (small amounts but it was beginning to show). I look forward to cooking the meals and having meals planned ahead so I can remain active with healthy eating habits. No more junk food – I have no cravings for sweets; especially my favorite – Cheezies no longer grace my pantry shelf. Even shopping for groceries – I enjoy getting fresh fruits and veggies, fresh cuts of meat – no more prepackaged, fast foods. The nutritional plan takes a bit of time to get used to as it’s a life style change; it’s not a fad diet; its healthy eating! I enjoy every meal and enjoy sharing them with my friends.

Thanks Nichole, Linda.

Patricia Lomenda

In February of 2012 I went to Nichole for acupuncture for relief of body aches and pains.

While I was there I began to talk about how I need someone to guide me to change my way of eating to become healthier. That’s when it began I have not looked back since. Even though I am the one who did all the work it was Nichole who guided me in the right direction. I have been on my own since May and as a result I have lost 20 lbs and many many inches(the clothes are telling me so). In fact I only have 3 more inches to go on my waist. I am a middle aged woman who is so grateful for this new way of Life In my gut I knew that all I needed was someone to jump start me and Nichole was my SOMEONE!!

Patricia Lomenda

Dusty Kramps

I took the opportunity to work with Nichole as I am always looking for ways to improve my regimen and knowledge. I have worked with a nutritionist before and had some success but that avenue had run it’s course and I was at a plateau, looking to make some further gains. My goal at the time I started with Nichole was not so much a weight change, but a body composition change. In the short time I have been following her plan, my walk-around weight hasn’t changed, but I can see a lot more definition in my body, particularly my core, and my pants are fitting noticeably looser. This is exactly what I was after at this time. It has only been what i consider a short time since we started and I am quite happy with the results I’m seeing in the time we’ve been working together.

Sheila Bird

I tried Yoga at BDB Martial Arts with Nichole . She is a very detailed and a great teacher. I am really happy with my session after being out from injury for the last month. It was just what I needed.

Angie Arrau

Nichole really is one of the best yoga instructors I have ever had!

Noah Ali (Acupuncture)

I am an MMA competitor and train in various forms of mixed martial arts. Training numerous hours a day 7 days a week can leave you a little bit sore and stiff sometimes, you can even suffer severe injuries if not rested properly. Which is what happened to me. Both times were sever muscle strains/pulls, firstime was a hipflexor and second was my lower back. Both injuries were soo severe that they hindered my ability to walk properly, let alone keep training. Desperate to heal, i decided to try some acupuncture with Nichole Teering, which i had never done in the past, anywhere. After each treatment and with some care at home, i recovered from each injury, in only one weeks time. Considering the extremity of the injuries and how quick i healed i am now a strong believer in her unique acupuncture methods.

Jason Flash Gorny – Professional MMA Fighter

Well there’s nothing really to say except WOW! From the hospitality, to the professionalism, the information received, the facts, the treatment, all the way to the results! WOW!

As a professional athlete Nicole is definitely what I need to get an edge above the competition!

Highly recommended to everyone for any issue!!


Donna Mcaffee

I have experienced better energy and balance along with much more fluid movement and
less pain of particular troubled areas after having both acupuncture and cupping treatments.

These benefits have been lasting much longer between treatments than other modalities I have tried. I highly recommend Nichole for her acupuncture, cupping, reflexology and yoga sessions ALL have given me great results.

Donna Mcaffee

Dan’s Success Story

Despite attempts at dieting, and a hectic lifestyle I found that I was not able to lose weight and was becoming quite frustrated. As I am beginning preparations for my Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I feel the need to get my weight under control. I have trained many years at Champions Creed under Brian and Sheila Bird. They set a high standard for acquiring your black belt so my health and weight need to be a priority. I decided to contact Nichole. She set me forward on a new path. To be totally honest I was apprehensive at first, but her confidence convinced me to jump in whole heartedly with conviction.

When I began Nichole’s menu plan in April 2012, My initial weight was 205.6. So far I have cut roughly 24 pounds in 7 weeks. (3.4 pounds per week on average.) By July 2012 I plan to reach my final weight of 170 pounds. I am aware that this is a big number and many people would be skeptical and will ask several questions. Am I starving? Am I on Atkins, Paleo, etc? Is there a loss in my athletic performance? and most importantly how hard and painful is this?

It wasn’t painful, and my athletic performance has improved. I am not starving, Nichole strongly advocates that if you are hungry eat! What does a meal look like? A typical meal is a balance of healthy vegetables, a lean protein, and whole grain carbs. A lunch for me is usually a heaping bowl of pasta with fresh shrimp, herbs, garlic, onions, and broccoli. Other meals may be a salad with dressing or a steak with a baked potato. Nichole believes in a strong balance between healthy carbs, proteins, and fats, to optimize athletic performance, minimize hunger, and accelerate your metabolism and weight loss.

Nichole designed a program that works for me and helps me be independent in the long run. It is simple to use, easy for me to modify if I need to make adjustments, and very easy to maintain. In terms of how challenging her nutrition plan is I would say between 0-3. Of course any lifestyle change requires effort however Nichole made it enjoyable and more importantly attainable.

I would again like to thank Nichole for her unwavering support, and for making what initially appeared to be a monumental challenge easy. By tailor making a program for me and helping to re-educate me on the subject of nutrition I feel empowered to complete my goal and maintain it for years to come.

Thanks Nichole
Daniel Buchwald

Brandy Brigden

I went to New Path Health originally because I quit smoking last year and gained a few extra pounds that
just wouldn’t come off even with me working out regularly. I also was looking to improve my overall
health. I love food, and don’t believe in “dieting” but knew I wanted to eat healthier. I wanted to look
and feel better without taking supplements or medications.

Nichole Teering is very good at what she does. She spends time examining what YOUR body needs, and
creates a meal plan that fits your lifestyle. She is there to answer any questions or concerns you may
have. The recipes are easy to follow, the food tastes amazing and I feel more alert and energized. I’ve
been receiving compliments from friends and family on my skin glowing and my eyes looking brighter. I
have lost most of the weight I would like to lose and have gone down one full dress size.

I am very happy with the results I have received from this meal plan. This is not a diet! It is how my
family and I eat now to feel our best.

Noah Ali (Weight Cut)

I highly recommend using this weight cutting technique for any MMA fighter. I use to starve and dehydrate myself in order to make weight before my fights. Now I know there is a better way. I had the best and easiest weight cut of my career. “The Weigh” is for any fighter who wants to improve on every level and have longevity in this sport. I had so much more energy for my fight and gained all my weight back for the fight no issues. If you are a fighter this is a must do upgrade. Thanks Nichole Teering! You really know what you are doing.