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Pan Scrambler

Per person use one small to medium potato or yam and 2 eggs. Dice potatoes or yams (if leftover potatoes use those) place in warm non stick pan with tsp EVOO. Add sea salt and cracked pepper, In a separate pan cook 2 pieces of turkey bacon per person. When finished...

My top 5 foods that lower your cholesterol

If your cholesterol is either high or on the high end of normal, you may want to read this article. Whether you are on medication for your condition or not you can help yourself by including these awesome foods into your diet that help lower cholesterol. (Speak to...

Calming you down when you get fired up

What is the very best way to alleviate your stress? It's simpler than you think. And if you guessed Breathing.... Drum Rollll! You are right!Although, if it's so simple.. Why is it still so hard? Many of us are not aware of how to breathe right in the first place...

Kick a cold to keep training

Well it’s that time of year. Everyone around you is getting sick and it may only be a matter of time before your next. Want to avoid taking a week off of training? Or if you feel something coming on, know how to kick it before it’s full blown.Here are my best weapons...

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