Aside from being biased due to my profession the topic at hand simply has to do with prevention. Just like a couch potato cannot sit forever eating pizza, nor can an athlete train at high intensities without adequate balance.

What will bring balance?

  1. Sufficient Rest
  2. Proper Nutritional Support
  3. Therapeutic outlets such as acupuncture, chiro, massage, yoga / stretching and even sports psychology.

Why are those 3 important?

  1. Not enough rest= no recovery=adrenal fatigue and injury
  2. Crappy Diet= Poor Recovery, decreased performance and possible ill health
  3. Lack of Therapeutic outlets= Guaranteed Injury, physical discomfort and long term pain

It seems like it may be worth making these 3 things a priority. Not only have I experienced this for myself I see it in my practice every day. My athletes who do this as prevention run into far less issues than the ones who wait until they are injured, adrenal fatigued, sore, tight and sick. Start implementing these 3 things into your routine just as you would the rest of your training.

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Happy training!

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