What is the very best way to alleviate your stress? It’s simpler than you think.
And if you guessed Breathing…. Drum Rollll! You are right!
Although, if it’s so simple..
Why is it still so hard?

Many of us are not aware of how to breathe right in the first place
never mind breathing calmly when stress arises.

I always teach my clients not to begin focusing on taking in long deep breathes as this can feel like hyperventilation if we don’t have control.Rather to take slightly longer exhales. Breathing more out initially will help us to have slightly longer inhales without the effort.

Try this technique first and then as it becomes easier you can start lengthening your inhale. Practicing this in non-stressful times is best. You would practice any new skill before attempting it in a crucial moment.

I wouldn’t go up to bat in the world series without having had a lot of practice first. You can’t expect great results without practice 🙂

So as you read this Article, check in with your breath and see if you are breathing too shallow. Try the longer exhale for a few breaths and see how you feel.

Try to do this periodically throughout the day. Eventually it will be habitual. When stress starts always come back to the breath. Ahhhh. Feels good to be calm.

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