Yoga is widely practiced by many people. By people who are healthy, unhealthy, active or inactive. Why do such a wide range of people practice yoga? It must be because of the benefits. So what are the main health benefits of yoga?

That depends on your current health. If you are healthy physically, mentally and emotionally it will help you to maintain that state of being.

If you have physical ailments it will alleviate and nourish your body back to health.

If you are chronically ill or have mental/emotional instability it will give the body strength to give the mind awareness and clarity. Emotional health will begin to follow.

Essentially yoga as known for it’s poses (which is only one of the 8 aspects of yoga) is a tool to move through life more gracefully. Athlete or not, physically and mentally sound or not, Yoga will benefit all of us if we let it.

Use yoga to bring balance to any part of your life. Physical, mental, or emotional.

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