Whole Roast Chicken

Whole Roast Chicken

Use a whole chicken with innards cleaned out. Place in deep roasting pan Stuff 2 cloves of garlic ½ an orange, ½ a lemon, and ½ a lime inside. Squeeze the other haves juices on top and season with oregano, sea salt and cracked pepper. Fill the bottom of the roasting pan with water and 1 chopped onion. Bake at 375 until cooked through. 30 minutes before chicken is finished.

I like to serve with butter nut squash and peas:

Place cubed butternut squash in glass baking dish. Coat with tbs EVOO, sprinkle cinnamon sea salt and cracked pepper. Bake in oven until soft. Meanwhile boil peas in a pot until cooked.

Whole Grain Shrimp Pasta

Whole Grain Shrimp Pasta

Hi! So here it is. My top pick for a quick and healthy recipe. Use it for lunch or supper. It’s so quick and nutritious! Plus, it has the perfect macro nutrient balance for most of us. Meaning the carb/ protein/ fat ratio that we need.

Truly a fuel meal.

I hope you enjoy!

Whole grain Shrimp Pasta:

  1. Boil 1/2 a box of whole grain (not whole wheat) spaghetti noodles.
    (I get mine from super store pc brand name. The only true whole grain left that doesn’t taste like cardboard.)
  2. Meanwhile warm tbs extra virgin olive oil in non stick pan add chopped garlic and cook in 2 cups of shrimp.
  3. Season with dash of Cayanne, sea salt, pepper and crushed rosemary.
  4. When shrimp is nearly cooked add 1 chopped julienne carrot, and 1 head chopped broccoli.
  5. Season again with sea salt. When broccoli begins to soften add noodles. Mix in ½ cup low sodium chicken stalk and stir until reduced.

Serves 4.

This Takes me 12 minutes to make!!

Don’t like Shrimp? Use chicken instead 🙂